Brothers in Arms

Oklahoma City Vietnam War Memorial

Brothers In Arms Vietnam War memorial, 8' bronze sculpture installed at Military Park, Oklahoma City

Brothers in Arms

Military Park, Oklahoma City

The Brothers in Arms Vietnam War Memorial Monument is an 11′ monument with two life-size bronze figures. It depicts an armed American and South Vietnamese soldier standing back-to-back in combat uniform. These figures therefore represent the unity of brother warriors in battle.

Etched on the base is:

Vietnam War Memorial 1955- 1975

The monument is the centerpiece of the Plaza of Flags, and rests on a raised concrete pedestal base, surrounded by flowers, wreaths, and a large ceremonial urn. The monument was funded by the Oklahoma City Vietnamese-American community and installed on July 6, 2017. The dedication ceremony was held on July 8, 2017.

More at the American Legion website.

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