Holt Collier

Holt Collier, 25.5" limited edition bronze sculpture and proposal for monument

Holt Collier 25.5″ Limited Edition Bronze


Rolling Fork, Mississippi’s other famous figure, along with Muddy Waters.

Freed Slave, Soldier, Outlaw, Cowboy and Legendary Big Game Hunter

He led Theodore Roosevelt on the bear hunt that led to the birth of the “Teddy Bear.”
The Winchester 45-70 over his shoulder was a gift from Roosevelt.

Limited Edition of 10 Castings Only
Cast Bronze, 25.5” tall
Certificate of Authenticity included
$4,200.00, includes shipping

Also shown above are images for the proposal of an 8′ bronze monument in Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

Holt Collier was born circa 1848 as a slave in Mississippi and was the third generation to serve the Hinds family on Plum Ridge Plantation, built by General Thomas Hinds, who was a veteran of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.

Collier killed his first bear at the age of ten; thereafter, his job was to supply meat for the table of the Hinds family and the field hands. His master Howell Hinds freed Collier when Hinds left to serve in American Civil War. Feeling he was part of the family, when Hinds and his seventeen-year-old son Tom, Collier’s childhood companion, left to serve in the war, Collier followed.  When Hinds found himself in an altercation with a fellow Confederate officer in camp, Collier came to his defense, killing the other officer. He then spent several years as an outlaw. Later, he made his way west and worked as a cowboy for a number of years.

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Holt Collier Monument Proposal

Proposal for Holt Collier Monument

Warren Sculpture

Contact Jay Warren to inquire.

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