Before the March to Trenton

Before the March to Trenton, 5' x 4' marble relief sculpture of George Washington and his crew after the Delaware crossing by Thomas Jay Warren, NSS

Before the March to Trenton

5’ x 4’ marble
Washington’s Crossing, NJ

“Depicting George Washington in prayer after the moonlit crossing of the Delaware, the relief was sculpted and cast over a period of four months.  Jay Warren, who is head sculptor at the renowned Johnson Atelier Sculpture Institute in Mercerville, designed the work to link the religious and historical significance of the Church of Saint George site.

“The portrait of Washington is based on the bust carved from life sittings by Jean-Antoine Houdon and is widely regarded as the most accurate likeness.  The original sculpture was modeled in clay and a rubber mold was then made from the clay original.  The marble sculpture was then case in this mold.  Mat material, known as cast or bonded marble, is composed of marble bonded with resin.  It is more durable than cast marble.

“Among Jay Warren’s commissions is the 8.5′ crucifix in Saint Michael’s Church in Mount Airy, Maryland, which was created after a competition with 54 international artists.  Mr. Warren is currently working on other commissions including the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a memorial to civil rights leader Medgar Evers, and a portrait of Sioux chief, Frank Fools Crow.” (Description from the St. George Roman Catholic Church, Titusville, NJ)

Warren Sculpture

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